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Rex is an independent Exploration and Production oil company. Today, we are focusing our efforts in Norway and Oman. Our key differentiator is our proprietary Rex Virtual Drilling technology. By looking at the oil business with new eyes, we bring unconventional thinking and ground-breaking technologies to improve the chance of finding oil.

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no oil company

should have to drill without finding oil

Oil drilling, especially offshore, is generally an extremely costly, high-risk business. But by using our technologies, oil companies can lower their risk considerably and increase their drilling success rate from an industry average of 10-15 %. That means less holes drilled, less energy wasted, and in the end, better financial returns for all. Our long-term vision is that no oil company should have to drill without finding oil, but today, we are already offering our partners higher rewards and lower risks – faster.

higher reward.

lower risk. faster.

Rex is positioned to become a leading independent E&P company. The group is in a good financial position, with strategic partners, and a portfolio of high potential assets.

Rex's proprietary liquid hydrocarbon indicator, the Rex Virtual Drilling technology, can locate oil reservoirs in the sub-surface using seismic data. By combining our extensive industry experience with these cutting-edge technologies, we can identify attractive investment opportunities and enter them under very favourable terms.

Rex mainly focuses on acquiring under-evaluated and undervalued concessions in attractive fiscal regimes. By developing and maximising the potential of concessions across the E&P process at reduced risks, we can ensure sustainable growth.

a better way

to find oil

Energy makes our world go round – the reality today is that we depend on hydrocarbons to maintain our daily lives as we know it. At Rex, we contribute by making it less resource-intensive to find oil. Traditionally, in average global exploration activities, an oil company needs to drill 8-9 holes in order to find oil. With our technology, we strive to increase the success rate substantially. This saves vast amounts of energy and resources, making the process of finding oil more environmentally responsible.

We strive to create safer workplaces for all our employees and contract workers, wherever we operate in the world. We also aim to be best-in-class when it comes to working conditions and job satisfaction.



The founders of Rex pioneered the use of satellite altimeter surveys to detect potential hydrocarbon reservoirs in the early 1980s. Surveys produced by the founders of Rex made way for major findings such as the “Haltenbanken” field in Norway and the “Bukha” field in Oman. Many reputable oil majors were serviced with this technology.

The founders left the oil business in 1989. After having spent several years perfecting and developing new unique exploration technologies the founders – Hans Lidgren, MSc, and his brother Professor Karl Lidgren – partnered with former customer and seismic expert Svein Kjellesvik, MSc, in 2008 to form the cornerstones of what is Rex International Holding today.

The trio set out to create an exploration methodology based on proprietary data handling and analysis systems. The technologies also came to be supported by a superior management team with worldwide expertise and knowledge. They decided to open the assets to investors and create a listed company to be used as an engine of growth.


& board

The Rex Management team and Board of Directors have experience from all phases of the exploration process, different geological contexts and legislative environments.