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In a world where oil is harder and harder to find, we want to change the oil business by introducing the power to 'see' the oil in the ground. Our technologies radically improve the probability of finding oil – ultimately giving our partners and us lower risk and higher rewards – faster.



Rex Gravity is a ground-breaking exploration technology that finds areas with suitable geological conditions for hydrocarbon accumulations. Based on satellite gravity data, Rex Gravity measures water surface levels with the aim of finding anomalies in the sub-terrain, which could indicate the presence of hydrocarbons. Rex Gravity is a very cost effective way to screen large areas for hydrocarbons before a major decision is made to acquire seismic data.




Working in tandem with Rex Gravity, Rex Seepage is a tool we use to spot oil seepages offshore in order to better understand the potential presence of oil reservoirs in the sub-terrain. Based on thermal satellite imaging, the tool is able to provide high resolution and accurate information about oil seepages from beneath the rock strata over many years. The result is a much higher probability of finding areas suitable for closer inspection.



virtual drilling™

Rex Virtual Drilling ("RVD") is a highly advanced, proprietary technology based on a set of computer algorithms that analyses seismic data to identify the presence of liquid hydrocarbons. The technology does not require new methods of conventional seismic data collection nor costly machinery and technical equipment, and is most effective with high quality, 3D seismic data.

With the direct hydrocarbon indicator RVD, the oil exploration success rate can be significantly increased from the global average of 10-15% and so is the ability to identify and focus on drilling for larger liquid hydrocarbon reservoirs.

This new oil exploration technology bases its functionality not on reflection seismic analysis, but rather on the observation of resonance attributes in the seismic data sets. The efficacy of RVD has been tried and tested many times in various geographies around the world through blind tests, live tests and actual drilling campaigns.

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